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Air Freight

Air Freight is usually much faster than Sea Freight so will suit time sensitive shipments. Our Air Freight will suit businesses who can’t wait to get their goods to market. As a Customs Clearance Agent, we are linked to customs at all major airports and have an extensive knowledge of import/export requirements to give you peace of mind and expert advice.

Time Sensitive Shipments

If your shipment is specifically time sensitive, we can offer IATA directed shipments to get your goods to its destination quicker. This service is valued most when a business is in a time of crisis and needs a shipment made as soon as possible. If you imagine a business having a product launch, but there is a fault with a part, and they need a rush delivery of a replacement from their factory, this service can be invaluable.

Cost Effective Air Freight

If your shipment is not acutely time sensitive, but you can’t wait for a Sea Freight shipment, we can offer some substantial cost savings with our freight consolidation services. Freight consolidation is where we schedule to forward several shipments all together which brings some savings which we pass onto our clients. Freight Consolidation holds cost advantages as well as safety advantages, as it is lowers the risk of an interruption in delivery.